The property has been in the family for nine generations, since 1683.  It is currently a working farm.  At the farm you will see a growing herd of Devonshire Red beef cattle. This is the heritage breed of cattle brought to the colonies by the settlers in the 1600s.  It is the same cattle raised here by the owners’ ancestors.  Other animals include Mangalitsa pigs (a hairy pig that grazes like a cow), Rhode Island Red chickens, Boer goats, and Hair Sheep (a type of sheep that has hair and not wool raised for its meat).  We also grow hay and corn along with soy beans to feed the animals.






Non-Discrimination Policy

Sinking Springs Retreat Center, LLC does not discriminate or decline to provide public accommodations on the basis of any person’s race, religion, age, sex, creed, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.  However, we are devout Christians and share this space with our church, “Living Waters Ministry at Sinking Springs, Inc.” The church may impose certain restrictions on facility use such as a no-alcohol policy.

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