Pricing Information

Barn Loft and/or Pavilion —

  •      For Bridal/Baby showers, Family parties, etc. — Capacity up to 49 people, $450;  50 to 100 people, $750

(Payment may be in the form of check or cash; no credit cards accepted.)

  •      For larger events, call Ann — 443.553.4618

What is your capacity?  Outside capacity is 400; we have a barn loft (heat and a/c) that can accommodate 166 (to include up to 150 guests and any catering staff, etc.); our outdoor pavilion can hold up to 100 comfortably; and the island will fit 180.  The meadows are an option for tents.

Which vendors can I use?  We have a list of preferred vendors but you are not limited. There is no extra charge for using any approved vendor that is licensed and insured.  You have your choice of caterer; No alcohol but champagne toast is permitted.

Is there an area to set up a buffet?  Yes, there is plenty of room for a buffet in the barn loft or outside in the pavilion.

Are tables and chairs included in the rental fee?  Yes

Flowers for your event  — Inquire with Ann (443.553.4618) about custom floral bouquets and centerpieces for your tables at a fraction of what you will pay anywhere else!

What about clean up?  You are responsible for this.  Clean up is requested preferably that evening.  Dumpsters are available on the farm. Consider a caterer that includes clean up in their pricing so that you and your guests can be treated royally for the day!

Who supplies linens?  Table linens are available at Sinking Springs, $6 rental; $3 rental for smaller size

Is there a separate area/space for hors d’oeuvres?  Yes, there are three areas to consider –an outdoor space below the loft that is partially covered and perfect for high-top tables to be arranged on the grassy area nearby; the covered pavilion, or you may choose the Blue Room which is indoors.

Are candles/sparklers allowed?  Only battery-operated candles are allowed.  No open flames permitted in the building with the exception of sternos in the serving area.  Sparklers are permitted outside the building on the gravel area.

How many events are scheduled in a given day?  Generally, only one per day to ensure the event is special and receives our full attention, but if an event does not interfere with another, there may be more than one (such as a craft class in the morning before an event).

Is event insurance required?  It is recommended to protect you if you are held for property damage or if there is an unforeseen cancellation.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just drop by?  It is preferred to call ahead and set up a time to ensure there is time to show you around.  Call Ann at 443.553.4618.

Is electric available?  Yes, there are numerous outlets scattered throughout the barn loft and pavilion as well as in outdoor areas.

What time can vendors access the property on the day of the event?  Generally, vendors are able to set up 1-2 hours in advance.

Is there access to a refrigerator/freezer?  Yes

Can I decorate the loft?  Yes, we try to give you access to the facility the day before your event (as schedule permits) to allow you to set up the decorations and get the details perfect.  In addition, there are plenty of Pinterest items available for your use.

Is your facility handicap accessible?  Yes, there is a handicap ramp available for ease of accessibility into our 2nd floor historic barn loft.

What are other features of your venue not mentioned above?  

  • Plenty of parking
  • Built-in luxury restrooms
  • Pet friendly!
  • Quaint, shabby chic Tiny House B&B available for rent (additional $130/night)
  • Additional services available for FREE — Golf cart and 4-wheel drive vehicle

Who will be my point of contact?  Your primary point of contact is Ann Stubbs, 443.553.4618. Please keep her in the loop with all your plans and details so she can ensure everything goes smoothly.